Last significant update 11/30/2015

I continue to play Nurse Constance in the hilarious, monthly, late-night,
serial-theater, soap opera series: It's Getting Tired Mildred created by
Roger Nasser. Episode 11 is Saturday Dec 12 at
The Brick!  We
perform at 10:30pm, Tix $15.

November 29 I played android trooper Delta Prime in a scene for sci-fi
indie feature Carbon Copy with
Pandora Machine Films.

September 21st I was proud to perform at the
NYIT Awards ceremony
Theatre 167 when they were presented with the prestigious Caffe
Cino Fellowship Award! September 19th I participated in a reading of
Mourning Sun by Antu Yacob at Queens Theatre with them as well.  So
happy to reconnect to my Theatre 167 family after having performed
with them in The Church of Why Not in Feb/Mar!  

August 25-26 I shot episode 702 of Disappeared for the Discovery ID
channel as crime witness Sue Follet.  The episode should be airing in
early 2016.

July 30-August 23 I returned to Washington Sq Park with Gorilla Rep to
perform in A Midsummer Night's Dream! It was an exhilarating
experience and I'm now a Gorilla Rep company member. Photos

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