Last significant update 10/26/14


November 2nd I'll b
e performing in a fund raiser for the awesome  
CAPS LOCK Theatre performing a monologue written for me by
directed by Aimee Todoroff.

In October I performed in a short play by
Mim Granahan called The
Tale of the Gaoler and The Witch as part of Act One: One Act Festival
at The Secret Theatre.

In late August and early September I performed the track of First
Fairy/Snug etc in A Midsummer Night's Dream covering 4
performances with
Gorilla Rep!  

I spent the first 4 weeks of August playing Hermione in The Winter's
Tale with
Hudson Warehouse in beautiful Riverside Park.

Voice Over:

I just finished taking Ed Lewis's 6-week  class "Cracking the VO Code"
brushing up my commercial copy skills.

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