Last significant update 8/2414

In Theater:

Next up I will be covering the track of First Fairy/Snug etc in A
Midsummer Night's Dream with
Gorilla Rep!  I will be performing Friday
August 29 and the final weekend Sept 4-7.  Performances are at 8PM
in the SW corner of Washington Sq Park.

Tonight I finish a month-long run of
Shakespeare's romance The
Winter's Tale
, playing the dream-role of Hermione, with Hudson
in beautiful Riverside Park.

In May I performed in staged readings by the awesome
Lather Rinse
Playwright's Collective called "Short Forms III: Now Boarding.
j/k! #fml #delayed".

In Voice Overs:

I'm currently brushing up my commercial copy skills taking Ed Lewis's
6-week  class "Cracking the VO Code".  

I also remain very busy recording voice overs for corporate training
videos and in February recorded my first video game character for
Orchid Games!

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