Last significant update 3/22/2015


I continue to play Nurse Constance in the hilarious, monthly, late-
night, serial-theater, soap opera series: It's Getting Tired Mildred
created by Roger Nasser at  
The Brick Theater.  The next episodes
will be April 18 and May 16 at 10:30PM

March 19 I performed in a reading of Call Me She by Jen Browne with
Purple Threads Ensemble.

Feb 20-M
arch 15 I performed with Theatre 167 in their beautiful, new,
collaboratively-written play
The Church of Why Not, at the West End
Theater.  I had a great experience with them!

Voice Overs:

In the Fall I took Ed Lewis's 6-week  class "Cracking the VO Code"
brushing up my commercial copy skills. We got along so well I
recorded a
new demo with him in December.  I continue to regularly
record corporate training videos and just began doing audio book
trailers as well.

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