Last significant update 9/7/2017
Latest News on the Heatherfront!

I spent the summer riding a lot of ferry boats, rehearsing two projects
set to perform on Governor's Island in the
Dysfunctional Collective
House (Nolan Park 8B) in September.  

September 9, 10, 16, and 17 I'll be performing in the immersive
murder mystery Miss Jane Periwinkle and The Murder at Blackbird Inn
written by Mim Granahan, directed by Aliza Shane.  I am playing an
Irish maid.  We will be performing a
t 1pm, 2:30pm, and 4pm Sept 9,
16 and 17
.  On Sept 10 ONLY we will be performing at 1pm, 2:45pm
and 4:15pm.

September 23, 24, 30 & Oct 1 I'll be performing in an experimental
adaptation of The Bacchae by Euripides led by Amy Overman of
Dysfunctional Theatre. I will be playing Pentheus, King of Thebes. We
will be performing multiple shows on all of those afternoons.

Also, the late-night, serial-theatre, soap opera I do, It's Getting Tired
Mildred, has moved to a residence at
Under St. Mark's Theater in
Manhattan.  Our next few shows are Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2... all
Saturday nights at 10:30 PM.

The feature I shot, Leaving Virginville (produced by
White Liye
Productions), is now complete and received a screening at Anthology  
Film Archives in NYC on August 23rd.   

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