Last significant update 5/3/2017
Latest News on the Heatherfront!

Tuesday June 27th at 9:30pm  I'll be playing Nurse Constance in a
special summer bonus episode
of It's Getting Tired Mildred at The
Kraine Theater,
tickets to this one are on sale now!

In April I performed in my second round of staged readings of new
plays written by middle schoolers with
APAC's Playmaking project.
The playwrights of tomorrow are amazing!  Then May 1st I performed
in a staged reading of Coriolanus with
TITAN Theatre Co in their
Shakespeare in Queens reading series!  

In March was honored to perform in the first staged workshop
production of
Full of Grace at the Rough Draft Festival at the
LaGuardia Performing Arts Center.
Full of Grace is a beautiful,
important play built from interviews exploring homosexuality and
Catholocism.   I was part of a small ensemble playing many different

...Just added some footage to my film work reel from the indie feature
Leaving Virginville.  Check it out

I spent last summer building, rehearsing and performing This England
Strange Harbor. We performed at The Brick's Shakespeare fest
in July and then had an extension run at IRT in August.  My cast
here. Photos HERE!

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