Last significant update 10/20/2016

I continue to play Nurse Constance in the hilarious, monthly,
late-night, serial-theater, soap opera series: It's Getting Tired Mildred
created by Roger Nasser.  Episode 17 will take place Saturday Oct 22
at 10:30 PM at
The Brick. Get your tickets here.

I spent the summer building, rehearsing and performing This England
Strange Harbor. We performed at The Brick's Shakespeare fest
in July and then had an extension run at IRT August 25-28.  This
England is an inspired abbreviation of Shakespeare's Plantagenet
series (Richard II through Richard III and all the Henrys in between)
into ONE PLAY! 8 actors played 40+ roles and I was very fortunate to
play King Richard II among others.  Photos coming soon!

March 24-April 2nd performed in A Dysfunctional Variety Hour with
Dysfunctional Theatre! February 23 & 25 I performed in workshop
readings of a new collaboratively devised piece called The Office Play.

November 29 I played android trooper Delta Prime in a scene for sci-fi
indie feature Carbon Copy with
Pandora Machine Films.  

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